Offering Specialized Expertise in Orthodox Jewish Religious Law and Divorce

At Zeigler Law Group, LLC, we have a close connection with the Orthodox community in New Jersey, and an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and circumstances they navigate when facing a divorce.

Our specialized expertise allows us to help the members of this community throughout the divorce process, while respecting their religion and customs. We can help you with parenting plans that take cultural customs into consideration and help you achieve a financial determination that allows you to move forward, while still maintaining your customs and religious traditions.

How Does Divorce Work In Judaism?

In Judaism, marriage is terminated through a special divorce ceremony, during which the husband gives his wife a document of divorce, known as a Get, in the presence of witnesses. A Get acts as proof of their divorce and allows the wife to remarry in the Jewish faith. If the husband fails to deliver a Get to the wife, it would not only impact the wife’s ability to remarry, but would also have consequences as to the religious status of any future children that she may bear. A Get cannot be granted by a court as part of a civil divorce but can only be awarded by a proceeding before a Bet Din, a Jewish ecclesiastical forum.

How Can Our Experienced Attorneys Help?

Although a divorce in Judaism uses religious processes independent of the civil divorce process, you may likely still need counsel from a New Jersey divorce lawyer. Our team of attorneys has years of experience in Orthodox Jewish divorce proceedings. We can guide you through the religious divorce process, create a marital contract dictating divorce or separation be handled in religious courts, and assist with religious mediation and arbitration. We can also advise you how a religious divorce can affect a civil divorce in your specific situation.

Contact Our New Jersey Religious Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can feel overwhelming and complicated, and your faith is an important factor in the process. Not all family law firms are experienced with the unique challenges of Orthodox Jewish divorce. At Zeigler Law Group, LLC, we have extensive experience with religious divorce in Judaism, so you can rest assured we will work with you and advocate on your behalf to reach the best possible outcome. Our team of attorneys is here to help with any aspect of your religious divorce, from ensuring your desire for a Get is respected to conducting religious arbitration and advising on parenting plans and the civil divorce process.

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