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New Jersey family law covers a wide range of areas–as the name suggests, most any civil matter that impacts the family can be considered “family law.” When people are seeking a Monmouth County family lawyer, it’s most often for the following reasons…

Marital Issues

When one or both parties in a marriage have decided to seek a legal end to the union, a family lawyer can be exceptionally helpful in establishing the grounds for the divorce, working through the large quantities of legal paperwork that come with it and, finally, helping their client secure the best possible settlement.

A family lawyer in Monmouth County can also work at the front end of the marriage in drafting a prenuptial agreement. This allows the couple to determine in advance how to handle the equitable distribution of assets in the event of a divorce.

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Child Custody

One of the most difficult matters to settle in a divorce is how the couple’s children will be raised. Where will the children live? How will important decisions be made pertaining to their education, medical care and (if applicable) religious upbringing. These are contentious issues within a marriage and can be even more so in a divorce proceeding. An experienced Monmouth County family law attorney works to help their client’s voice be heard and their legal, parental rights protected.

Child Support

A part of child custody is negotiating how the non-custodial parent will financially support their children moving forward. Both parties have rights that need to be protected. The custodial parent needs enough money to keep the household running. The non-custodial parent wants to be more than a checkbook–they want a real voice in the raising of their children.

Directly related to the question of child support is the matter of establishing paternity. A mother may want to establish who the father of her child is, to ensure that she gets needed financial support. Or, on the flip side, the father wants his paternity legally acknowledged, so his rights to be involved with his child are protected. Family lawyers are there to help either side work through the process to a resolution.


Perhaps during a marriage one person earned an extremely high income, while the other either stayed home with children or simply worked in a profession that paid more modest salaries. The couple became accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Alimony payments ensure that the person who earns less money won’t bear the financial brunt of an already painful situation when the marriage ends. Our Monmouth County family lawyers are here to fight for your interests in settlement negotiations over alimony payments.

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Restraining Orders & Protection of Children

It’s a tragic reality that some marriages and families suffer domestic violence. One of the spouses becomes abusive, either physically or verbally. This can also happen with unmarried parents who may live under separate roofs. At times like these, the law needs to step in and protect the person who is the subject of abuse. Your family lawyer can help you obtain a restraining order, wherein the abusive party cannot have contact with you or the children.

There are also sad situations where children are either abused or neglected within their own home. There are legal ways to protect these children if the proper authorities are notified. Neighbors who may be aware of a bad situation with the kids down the street or in the same apartment complex can call a family lawyer to seek advice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)–namely, mediation and arbitration–are not, strictly speaking, parts of family law per se. ADR can be used in anything from a divorce settlement to a labor dispute. But the nature of family law often makes mediation a good venue for getting a fair outcome while avoiding a trial. As family lawyers, we are experienced in the mediation process and are glad to offer this potentially less expensive option to our clients.

The effective practice of family law requires a wide range of skills. Knowledge of the law itself is an obvious prerequisite. A good family lawyer is also compassionate–the very nature of the problems this field addresses means the people who need our services are hurting. From a legal perspective, a family lawyer must be both a good settlement negotiator and a good trial litigator.

Family law disputes are hard. At Zeigler Law Group, LLC, we might not be able to make these battles easy, but we can work hard to make sure you’re being given competent legal counsel and have someone fighting zealously for you. If you need help, call us today at 732-361-4827 or reach out here online.

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